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I was doing some preliminary sketches for some new paintings I have in mind the other day, happily subscribing to those limitations which keep the enemy of art at bay.

As I drew it occurred to me that the objects and the model before me no longer remained separate things in themselves. What I mean by this is that as I drew I became aware that I was working towards some inner aspect, reaching towards “the germ of that object” which is the work to be born.

It was something like grasping at an aspect or element of mystery wired into matter or of matter, in so far as what is being grasped at can be lain down into a construction of values, lines and colors.

It may very well be the case that what is looked for in visible things must have the same kind of inner depth and inexhaustible potentialities for revelation as the Self of the painter.

Perhaps this might account for that dissatisfaction so often felt by painters, feeling as we often must, that the buried significance of inner things escape us in proportion as we take hold of it.

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