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It is a difficult thing to stop drawing once you have begun the habit of doing so. I was watching an old Vincent Price film, The Hound of the Baskervilles and it had this rather rotund Scotsman getting all blustery about some hunt or other while at dinner. I immediately paused the film and sketched him with his fork raised in mid conversation. I just love the mutton chops!

To the left is a sketch of two ladies in period dress from an English film whose name eludes me. I thought the shot was elegantly framed and their interest in the menu card before them lent a wonderfully thoughtful expression to their features.

The final drawing is a “Bargue study” from that wonderful atelier drawing course.

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A small collection of images which represent what can be seen on my webpage.  It's all classical realism!
I’ve decided to add a “Sketch Book” category to my website under the HOME/PORTFOLIO menu. I say a little something about each drawing and I hope at some point in the near future to record some demonstrations of my process.

My newest painting has also just been added to the landing page. It is “The Crowning of Thorns” which will be going to one of the Catholic churches here in Seville, Spain. To be honest, I often wander around these magnificent buildings and think about how wonderful it must have been to have had those walls as a canvass!
I’m sure I’m not the only one to have expressed this sentiment.

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I wanted to do something with a vintage aesthetic and so I came up with the design above. A link to the page where it can be downloaded can be accessed by simply clicking on the image or you can go to my website and under fonts, have a look to see what I’ve got going on there.

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Here are some of the drawings and studies I get up to in between major projects. It’s a good thing to always be drawing. Drawing directly from nature, copying from the masters trains the eye. It is the foundation of all good painting. It is here that you chiefly learn about values independent of hues. If you can good handle on values, you will be better able to manage your colors when it comes time to paint.

“Let whoever may have attained to so much as to have the power of drawing know that he holds a great treasure.”               – Michelangelo 1452 – 1519

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